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Permeable Paving

We are experts in the installation of permeable paving and can provide both advice and assistance to meet Auckland Council requirements. Avoiding urban spread is resulting in greater intensification of existing land areas and Auckland Council is increasingly specifying that permeable paving must be used to detain water on site when additional buildings are erected or existing buildings extended.

permeable paving

Environmentally friendly permeable paving is the perfect way to meet your needs for hard surfaces on driveways, car parks and patios while also ensuring water runoff is detained and then released slowly into the sub-surface. No more torrents of water flowing from your property into the wider storm water or in some cases sewer system when there is a downpour. Modern day Permeable Paving Systems actually operate better than having your house surrounded in lawn.

How does permeable paving work?

The base under the paving is made up of a special stone that allows water to flow through into the ground but retains enough rigidity and structure to hold your paving in place for decades of use. The paver itself is jointed or porous to allow water to pass through freely.

Think of your paving area as a covered swimming pool that is designed to leak out as fast as it is filled. On the surface your paving looks great, out of sight the water is being absorbed into the sub-soils and not adding to an overloaded storm water system.

Typically the base is 150mm thick which means in times of heavy rain the base area fills up prior to any run-off occurring from the surface paving. If your driveway is, say, 60 metres square, the total area beneath your paving is 9 cubic metres of special stone base. Because the stone allows porosity and has gaps, around 3 cubic metres, or 3000 litres of water can be stored below the paving surface prior to any runoff occurring.

permeable paving typical cross section

Permeable paving suppliers

We install Firth, Bowers Brothers and Jagas permeable paving. Grass and Gobi paving can also be installed using the same system to provide a permeable solution. Check the Firth, Bowers and Jagas websites to get an idea of what paving might be best suited to you needs. We can competently install any of them to your requirements.

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